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ART 20K: Virtual Open Studios Fall 2020

Virtual Open Studios Fall 2020: ART 20K - Introduction to New Media and Digital Artmaking

Instructor: Elliot Anderson

Caitlyn Clinton
“Coffee Sees”
This is my final project for my class on the topic of neighborhood. Using my own footage and some stop motion, I depict my neighborhood from the perspective of a cup of coffee.

Dariahn Hernandez
“Taking Up Space”
Final Project about a story from my neighborhood for art 20K

Eliza Tabuchi
“Suburban Sanity” 
A short film recalling our experience as young adult art students during the quarantine of 2020.

Heli Trejo
“(Not so fond) Memories”
This is the final video project for Art 20k. Video is shot on an iPhone and edited on Adobe Premiere.

Ian Smith

Ocean Street Final Project from Ian Smith on Vimeo.

“Ocean Street”
This project was animated in photoshop and includes foley sounds and real recorded audio from my neighborhood where the project is set.

Jenna Adkison
“The Dog in The Park” 
An animation about the interaction of a dog in a park that causes an argument between my two dogs.

Leola Sanchez 
This was an assignment for my class where we described aspects of our neighborhood and this animation was done in Adobe Animate while including found foley sounds from the internet.  

Madisen Correa Castaneda

“Second Hand Interview”
The project was to create a video that describes your neighborhood or a community you feel a part of.

Monique Salinas
“Unexpected Friends”
This is my final project for my class and it is a stop motion animation. It is 55 seconds long and is about an unexpected friendship between a fish and a fisherman.

Nkem Ndidi
“A Day in the Life of Nori the Cat”
This is my final video project about what I think my cat goes through each day while I’m at work.

Sharon Chung

Art 20K Final Project from Sharon Chung on Vimeo.
“A Moment in Time”
A short film documenting a walk I took to the beach with my sister.
Filmed with my iPhone and edited with Adobe Premiere.

Sohinee Tiffany Saha
“My Quacking Friend”
This is a short animation depicting the friendly relationship I share with the ducks in my neighborhood. 

Sunny Rolfs

“Human” 2020 

Suzanne Lee 
“The Neighborhood”
This is a short film created through a series of security camera footage, found videos and videos I have shot myself around my neighborhood. The story is told through a feral cat’s perspective of how she portrays the neighborhood.