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Fall 2021 Newsletter: Sarah Sanford

Sarah Sanford 


Blackout, no. 5. From series, Blackout. 12 screenprints on digital kozo paper, interference inks, 2020.

I am an artist and art educator working in the realm of contemporary print media. For nearly 20 years, I have been capturing light’s fleeting reflections and projections to explore themes of time passage, impermanence and interconnectedness. In my practice I incorporate print-based installations as a way to investigate the changing surface of the contemporary art print and explore my interests with contemporary print formats. As part of my research, I look forward to making ongoing contributions to UCSC’s printmaking studios and to our visiting artist/scholar program as a member of UCSC’s Contemporary Print Media Research Center. As a Teaching Professor, I am excited to serve our students through pedagogical practices that promote equity and success, and in my new role as the faculty director of the Arts division program, ArtsBridge.