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Art Professor Jennifer Parker at the Imagining America Conference at UC Davis

Imagining America creates democratic spaces to foster and advance publicly engaged scholarship that draws on arts, humanities, and design. We catalyze change in campus practices, structures, and policies that enables artists and scholars to thrive and contribute to community action and revitalization.

In response to the conference call for participaton, Art Professor Jennifer Parker developed a workshop for IDEA Hub to examine the challenges of Creative and Social Entrepreneurship Programs on College Campuses and look at and develop best practices for diversity, inclusion, networking, social equity, assessment, and public engagement. Participants from UCSC include Chris Benner, Ph.D. Professor Environmental Studies and Sociology, Dorothy E. Everett Chair in Global Information and Social Entrepreneurship, Director, Everett Program–Digital Tools for Social Innovation at UCSC, Parul Wadhwa, graduate student in the Digital Arts and New Media Program, UCSC, Monica Gutierrez-Lopez, Everett Program Impactathon Coordinator, undergraduate, UCSC, and Dominique Mayden, Everett Program, Current Fellow, UCSC.  

Fri, Oct 13, 2017