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Congratulations to UCSC’s Dee Hibbert-Jones NEA grant!

Congratulations to UCSC’s Dee Hibbert-Jones NEA grant!

National Endowment for the Arts FY 2017 Spring Grant Announcement

Regents of the University of California at Santa Cruz

$25,000 Santa Cruz, CA

Art Works – Media Arts

To support production and post-production costs for an animated documentary by Academy Award-nominated filmmakers Dee Hibbert-Jones and Nomi Talisman. The second in the "Living Condition" trilogy, "De'Juan's Story" tells the story of a young man whose uncle was on death row and how it has affected his life. The film captures De'Juan at various life stages-from visiting his uncle weekly as a child, to the death of his mother and uncle-and finally as a college student living independently. Once the documentary has been completed, "De'Juan's Story" will be offered to film festivals and art venues, and targeted for national broadcast. Select portions of the film will be available to stream online as webisodes.

Fri, Jun 23, 2017