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Guggenheim Fellowship in photography awarded to Art Alum Klea McKenna,


About a month ago I was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in photography for 2023. I am so grateful for the practical support this provides and the energy it has infused into my studio practice. I'm knee-deep in developing new work and also looking forward to a brief, but precious printmaking residency later in June. Despite the heaviness of the world, making work has felt like a joyful and thrilling adventure lately.  

The book I have been working on for so long is finally at the printers and will be released by Saint Lucy Books in September, with pre-sales starting soon. There will be a book release event in San Francisco on September 14th. Save the date! 

Thanks for tuning in. - Klea



Philadelphia Museum of Art

House of Photographs: The Kasakoff-Adams Collection

On view through June 11, 2023

Philadelphia, PA


Collecting the Future:

Photography and Generative Art on the Blockchain

May 26 - July 22, 2023

Houston, TX

In case you missed it...

Last winter I released this artist book called 'The Olive Orchard'.

Made in an edition of 230 copies, each book is signed, numbered and hand sewn and there are still some available.  It weaves together photographs, photograms and paintings, all made at a farm in Sicily, which I have returned to four times over a 20-year period.  Each visit punctuates a very different stage in my life, relationships and choices. The ancient olive orchard there has become a touchstone for me, a place that puts my own experience into perspective alongside deep time. The form this book takes is a series of impulsive gestures and interventions, both playful and chaotic that reflect my own reckoning with time, love, motherhood and the ways we are tethered to each other.

You can order it HERE.


Wed, Jun 7, 2023