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The Algae Society Exhibit: Bio Art & Design Lab exhibit opens in Santa Barbara

Image Algae Society
Tue, May 7, 2019, 12:00 pm to Wed, Jul 24, 2019, 11:59 am

Art Professor Jennifer Parker is the founder and co-Director of the project with artist Gene Felice, Assistant Professor at UNC Wilmington and UCSC DANM MFA Alum 2014. The exhibit will be on display at the MOXI Wolf Museum of Exploration and Innovation in Santa Barbara, CA through July 2019.


The Algae Society: Bio Art Design Lab celebrates algae as an unsung hero of the planet; these photosynthetic organisms produce half of the total global oxygen while absorbing one third of the carbon dioxide produced globally. Algae is a diverse, beautiful, and vital living organism that we all depend on for life on earth as we know it. The hope is to better understand our symbiotic relationship with non-human organisms and to spawn love and empathy as we communicate the rich diversity of algae in the face of global warming. You are invited to explore the many fascinating ways in which algae plays a critical role on our planet. 


The Algae Society is an international collaboration of over 20 artists, scientists and researchers, including the following founding members: José Carlos Espinel (Artist/Designer, Spain), Gene Felice (Artist/Acting co-Director, USA), David Harris (Artist/Science communication, Australia), Juniper Harrower (Artist/Scientist, USA), Jennifer Parker (Artist/Acting co-Director USA), and Nadjejda Espinel Velasco (Scientist, New Zealand). This art and science collective seeks to reposition the human perspective of living organisms like algae to be collaborative partners in one culture. They aim to share the rich diversity of algae through exhibitions and workshops for the general community across the globe to grow passion, love, and curiosity for these unique organisms.


Additional participating artists in the exhibit include: Anna Atkins (1799 - 1871 English photographer and botanist), Ceres Madoo LA artist and educator, Leslie Thompson UCSC undergraduate alum in art, graduate students from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain: Ada Credá, David García León, Mariana Gutierrez, Laura Garzón, Elena Blanch González, Pedro Terrón Manrique, Iria Groba, Trinidad Energici, Diana Botas, Alejandra Pérez Pire, Belén Segú, Andres Palacios, Mª Paula Rubiano, Pascual Donate, Ximo Berenguer, Mauro Hernández, Pilar Buitrago, Victor Echevarría, Marcos Tapia, Isabel Nuñez, Laura del Castillo, Steffany Rodriguez, and dried Algae specimens from the Cheadle Center for Biodiversity & Ecological Restoration at UCSB. 


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