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Environmental Art Lecture Series - Camila Marambio

Environmental Art Lecture Series
Mon, Feb 24, 2020, 10:15 am to 11:40 am
UCSC Art Department i200


Help: vulnerability and art at the world's end

February 24th 10:15am – 11:40pm UCSC Art Department Room i-200

For a decade, Camila Marambio has been the curator of Ensayos, a nomadic research program through which artists, scientists, academics, and locals consider the ecopolitics of the Fuegian archipelago. The program’s art and cultural outcomes include exhibitions, lectures, performances, publications, and now a web series, titled DISTANCIA. The underlying curatorial praxis is experimental, transdisciplinary, and polyphonic.

As the founding curator of Ensayos and co-director of DISTANCIA, in this lecture Marambio will try and make sense of the role of mediation, translation and interlocution in her own practice, as she rehearses a mode of address that explores the ways in which HELP is a necessary ingredient in environmental.

While struggling with the question of how to establish a practice based on reciprocity and mutuality, Marambio affirmatively transgress traditional ethics of representation aimed at depicting and speaking on behalf of. The aim of this practice-based lecture is to creatively investigate multi-layered meanings of love, mourning, art, storytelling, collaboration, and place in the context of affirmatively decolonializing endeavours, contemporary efforts to learn from indigenous cosmo-onto-epistemologies and hydrofeminism.