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Fall 2010 Visiting Artist in Residence

Thu, Sep 30, 2010, 7:00 am to Wed, Dec 8, 2010, 7:59 am

Eleanor Gates-Stuart

Eleanor Gates-Stuart is a media artist and well-established printmaker. A researcher, having received numerous awards, grants, and commissions in her career, including an early D.A.A.D residency in Germany and several fellowships / residencies. She maintains an active international artistic profile continuing her own research and roles such as curator and director of new media arts events. In 2007, she curated the Australian section of ‘Boom! An Interplay of Fast & Frozen Permutations in New Media’, as part of the 2007 International New Media Festival in Taiwan.

She has been part of an international partnership, gatescherrywolmark, and produced arcv.pls.txt.scrb.spc.spt.vs.eleanor.gates-stuart‚ her documentary satire collection resulting from the re-media of video archive, publication, traditional print and transcripts of gatescherrywolmark. Eleanor was instrumental in bringing gatescherrywolmark into existence and in furthering the technological interventions that have enabled this collaboration to bring metaphor and practice together in digital terms.
Eleanor is also part of the M o o n S t u a r t partnership (Brenda Moon, Eleanor Gates-Stuart & Barry Moon) that grew out of mutual research interests at the Centre for the Public Awareness of Science, ANU, and the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences at Arizona State University. also has a significant reputation in Australian and UK education, with a strong belief and commitment to pedagogical development in the creative and new media arts. She is a regular contributor to numerous professional associations, having published since 1985 and presented papers at various conferences in the UK, Taiwan and Australia. Eleanor is widely regarded for her professional experience, and for her vision and direction in media-arts during her academic position at the Australian National University.


Currently, Eleanor is Deputy Director of the Australian Science Festival and a Visiting Artist / Researcher at NICTA, Australia’s National Information and Communication Technology Research Centre of Excellence. She is involved with the Australian e-Government Technology Cluster. Eleanor’s investigation specialises in Visualisation & Communication of ICT Innovation and was awarded a 2008 Visiting Taiwan Scholar Award to consolidate her Australian – Taiwanese expertise and research activities.
Eleanor is also a PhD candidate at the Centre for the Public Awareness of Science at the Australian National University. Her interests firmly cross-over arts, education, science, communication and media.