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LANDING @ Gravy presents: [Au]xiology: Every Morning We'll Still Sluice

Fri, Jan 20, 2023, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

LANDING presents our third exhibition at Gravy Gallery from January 14 - 22, with an Opening/Closing Party on January 20 (postponed due to rain!).

“[Au]xiology//Every Morning We’ll Still Sluice” began with a 10 week collective study group of seven artists investigating gold as an atom, an element, a material, a currency, a promise, a myth, decor, fecal matter…

[Au]xiology, a portmanteau of the symbol for the element gold, from the roman arum, and axiology, the study of value and valuation. The artists dig in, up, and around gold to question what values have informed human relationships to the glittering metal. 

To sluice, to rinse freely with water. A sluice, a device to control the flow of water. Projecting gold into the future has not led to perfect visions, but reformulations of our present’s prescient questions. 

Bios of the artists:

Liana P. Simonelli is an artist craving…work through which even fleetingly they create safety. 

Cameron Quijada…sees the emotional potential in creation.

Ant Lorenzo… centers collaboration… to make people brave. 

Jesse Burdick is trying to…create work that is both loved and loving. 

Kelly Santillana… is… going into art education…to encourage.

Nestor Ruelas is… living in it… rather than… viewing… that.

Lily Loomis… day-dreams… potential… for wisdom to emerge through… introspection. 


Please join us on Friday, January 20, for the party. And you can see the show beforehand! Saturday, January 14, 1 - 4 pm, or by appointment.


We hope to see you there,