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SENIOR SHOW: Diana Oliva

Diana Oliva senior show
Tue, Mar 31, 2020, 12:00 am to Sat, Jun 6, 2020, 11:59 am

SENIOR SHOW: Diana Oliva

"Explorations, Negotiations, & Reflections of the Self."

Artist Statement:

"My work is primarily centered around my experiences navigating difficult emotions during times of hardship and sorrow. With the exception of woodblock and monotype, stone lithography is my chosen medium to work with as the stone itself reflects the weight of carrying around a tightly sealed, yet overflowing bottle of intense thoughts and emotions. The process is not an easy one, I work with a stone as a collaborator, not just a vessel for my image. Physically moving the stone back and forth comes with aching physical labor which is comparable to the emotional labor I continuously attempt to sort out. Graining, drawing, etching, processing, and etching yet another time before reaching the printing stage is a practice that requires patience and dedication. We work together and have a conversation as strange as that sounds, as we run through the process, I meditate and attempt to heal while the stone gets what it needs to help deliver my image.

You will notice that these works are staged in desert landscapes. I see the desert as a place of not only isolation, but also beauty and serenity. I find myself drawn to the landscape and an ultimate home in the otherwise busy world I live in. Some of these pieces are self portraits, which are meant to mark moments of my life that were harsh but necessary for myself in order to grow and move on to the next thing. I use self portraiture as a way to illustrate two sides of myself, the new and the old. The new is either taking, reaching out for assistance, or helping the old. It can be difficult to live in the present world when parts of yourself refuse to forget or learn from the past. Creating these images are my way of attempting to move on and accept the present and possible future. I hope you enjoy the works I have produced, thank you for stopping by."


1. Relax - Lithograph, 2019 14.5x19



2. Chaos - Lithograph, 2019 14.5x19



3. Anxiety - Lithograph, 2019 14.5x19


Moving on

4. Moving Onto A Newer Self - Lithograph 2019 22x30


Newer Self

5. Moving Onto A Newer Self - Lithograph With Chine Colle, 2019 22x30



6. Emergence - Lithograph, 2020 14.5x19


Birds of a feather

7. Birds Of A Feather - Lithograph, 2020 22x30


Birds of a feather

8. Birds Of A Feather - Lithograph With Chine Colle 2020 22x30


Cry Me a River

9. Cry Me A River And Ill Be There - Woodblock On Monotype, 2020 22x30



10. Even In The Worst Of Droughts We Will Persevere - Woodblock On Monotype 2020 22x30