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Joshua Zupan Senior Show
Mon, Nov 30, 2020, 12:00 pm to Thu, Dec 31, 2020, 11:59 pm


Are you missing art that you can see and touch outside of a screen? Art you can smell? Art that you can scribble on, play catch with, gift to a loved one, or pretend to understand? 

Well golly, have we got some art for you. 

The Bird Manifesto is the senior exhibition of Joshua Zupan in collaboration with partner and best buddy, Hannah Ross. As an alternative to digital exhibitions, this show takes the form of an edition of 75 books which will be mailed to you, the audience. The book will have a touch, the book will have a smell, the book will not be in RGB. The book will be very serious. The book will be full of birds. 

To receive a free physical or digital copy and attend the exhibition, please fill out this google form: by Saturday December 12, 2020. 

You’ll discover a book chock-full of analysis and discussion on the war against our flying friends. In it you will find an interview with an ACLU (Aviary Civil Liberties Union) bird representative, essays on bird history and our central ideas for a more bird friendly world, rigorous scientific analysis (now with real citations!), poetic interpretations, a stimulating interactive section, and our manifesto for birds worldwide. 

Send your questions, comments, concerns, images of funny birds, bird unfriendly architecture, etc. to or to our Instagram @letthebirdsperch

Printing and Binding done at Chute Studios in Berkeley, CA: 

Joshua Zupan