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Senior Show: Willow Moseley - Mars

Willow Moseley - Mars
Fri, Aug 21, 2020, 12:00 am to Wed, Sep 30, 2020, 11:59 pm

Senior Show: Willow Moseley - Mars

Name: Willow Moseley

Title: Mars

Artist Statement:  The newer pieces in this show were inspired a bit by the Pale Blue Dot, a photograph taken by Voyager 1, and the subsequent commentary by Carl Sagan who advocated its capture for a decade. This picture, which was of no scientific value and instead only a philosophical one, reduced the Earth to less than a pixel, and provided a perspective on our planet that hadn’t been seen before. I needed some of this perspective, for the Earth, and all of its incredibly complex conflict, to temporarily shrink into a faint blip so that I could breath enough to create. I started by working with lighting or physics that doesn’t exist here, and then went wherever my inspiration took me. It was only once I had draped her in pearls that I realized the first piece belonged on Mars where the sunsets are tinted blue. Lizards with six legs are a repeating subject in my paintings and I wanted to feature one here as well. I also included pieces from my years in the art department that I was especially proud of and related color-wise to the rest. 


Willow Moseley



Willow Moseley 2



Willow Moseley



Willow Moseley 4



Willow Moseley 5



Willow Moseley 6


Tea Fire:

Willow Moseley 7



Willow Moseley Milk


Tree Python:

Willow Moseley Tree Python


 Phorid Fly:

Willow Moseley Phorid Fly


Necklace of Venom:

Willow Moseley Necklace of Venom