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Support UCSC Printmakers

Sun, May 5, 2024, 12:00 am to Tue, Jun 11, 2024, 11:59 pm

UCSC’s Printmaking area in the Art department has been committed to supporting student work and bringing it into the public eye at our annual Print Sale since 1974. Each year this event showcases 100s of original prints with participation from over 80 students from the Art department. 

This is an exciting year for print media as we are celebrating our 50th Anniversary Print Sale! Our print sale is open to the public. It regularly attracts hundreds of people from the local community to visit our world-renowned print facilities, interact with students, browse a wide variety of hand-pulled, original print media works, and potentially find unique artwork to purchase and take home. In addition, this event provides an invaluable experience for our students to publicly show and talk about their work and meet the people who decide to purchase it. For many students, the experience of selling their work for the first time is a major confidence boost and can affirm their decision to pursue a career in the arts.

This campaign fundraiser benefits the very popular and heavily impacted printmaking area in several ways. It will support print students by covering their printmaking material costs, provide much-needed support towards the setup and operation of the print sale, and help fund our Outstanding Printmaker Award given annually to one student who shows promise, dedication, and innovation in their printmaking practice.  We need your help to provide students with access to materials and updated equipment so that they can continue to successfully make incredible work.

$100 This amount will support a student’s material costs for the quarter.

$300 Replaces heavily used equipment students rely on for developing silkscreens. 

$600 Replaces aging photo-based equipment so that students can continue to create innovative cyanotype, lithography and Intaglio prints.

$800 Funds an Outstanding Printmaker Award given annually to a printmaking student.

$1000 Helps us manage the growing popularity of the Print Sale by purchasing much needed equipment for line and sales management.

$2500 Funds the material costs of one printmaking class

Here is a link to our crowdfunding page


As part of our Print Sale Jubilee this year, we have chosen to highlight the incredible work that has come out of the print studios over the past 50 years by selecting 16 printmaking alumni to create an original print to become part of a limited edition portfolio. This portfolio will be on view in an exhibition at UC Santa Cruz Institute of Art and Sciences in June and will become part of the university archives.

As a special thank you, we have one portfolio reserved as a benefit for the highest donor of this campaign! The alumni represented in this portfolio have all enjoyed successful and productive careers in the arts and create work that is often highly sought after. Some of the participating artists include Emily York, master printer at Crown Point Press; Jefferey Cheung, co-founder of Unity Press and Skateboard Company; Erika Adams, professor at Concordia University; and Israel Campos owner and operator of Chayote Press in Los Angeles amongst others. 

The portfolio will be offered as a benefit to the donor who gives the largest donation to the campaign. Should the highest donation be matched by multiple donors, the portfolio will be offered to the donor whose donation was received first. To be considered for this benefit a minimum donation of $1000 is required. The portfolio has a fair market value of $5,000. Upon campaign conclusion the highest donor will be notified of their eligibility to receive this benefit and coordinate delivery. 

Here is a link to our crowdfunding page