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Anya Lehman
Thu, Jan 21, 2021, 12:00 am to Sun, Mar 28, 2021, 11:59 pm


Artist statement:

This show is an exhibit comprising multimedia works, including but not limited to digital illustrations, printmaking, and painting. I incorporate ideas of systemic and societal oppression towards women and nonbinary folk as well as create work that explores psychological struggles that humans go through. Creating carving marks by scratching and cutting wood is a very meditative practice that I believe aids me in finding the true meaning of the work I am creating. Putting emotion and thought into the piece of wood as I go makes it more meaningful to me and, I hope, to the viewer as well. A labor of love. Painting for me is the same way, every stroke of the brush or smudge I place is done so, not always for a reason I know, but it always seems to be needed. Creating art is not just the end product but is also the process in which it is created. The pieces specifically in this show express social critiques on how women and their bodies are viewed along with works that represent my own identity. Each piece is standalone but come together to show who I am as an artist. 

Anya Lehman 1

Title: "The Virgin Mary, but She’s Not a Virgin”

Medium: Woodblock relief on paper

Year: 2020

Description: This piece is a commentary on the societal expectations of women to look and present a certain way, specifically the obsession with pureness and the “ideal” body.

Anya Lehman 2

Title: “Thursday Morning”

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Year: 2020

Description: Figure study of nude model that emphasizes comfortability.

Anya Lehman 3

Title: "Mush”

Medium: mixed media on paper

Year: 2021

Description: This work is a jumble of “identity evidence” expressed through multiple mediums, untraditional tools, and layering techniques.

Anya Lehman 4

Title: “Desert Sunburn”

Medium: multi-layer monotype print on paper

Year: 2019

Description: Exploration of color and texture through monotype printmaking.

Anya Lehman 5

Title: “Just Static”

Medium: Gouache and pen on paper

Year: 2021

Description: This piece is a snippet of how it feels to have a disability that is not visible to an outside eye. A feeling of not being heard and in turn not being able to hear outside of your own mind.

Anya Lehman 6

Title: "Pumpkin Farm”

Medium: digital drawing

Year: 2020

Description: This image is a blind contour study that has been reworked. 

Anya Lehman 7

Title: "Kitchen Counter”

Medium: woodblock print on kozo paper

Year: 2020

Description: A still life scene that pulls memorable items from my childhood.

Anya Lehman 8

Title: “Party Top”

Medium: fabric paint on vintage blouse

Year: 2020

Description: Reworked top with illustrations on it.

Anya Lehman 9

Title: “Scenic”

Medium: woodblock print on kozo paper

Year: 2020

Description: Two part series based on photographs.

Anya Lehman 10

Title: “Skull & Flies”

Medium: multi block woodblock print on kozo paper

Year: 2020

Description: Brings to light the theme of “inside out” while relating to the shared DNA between humans and flies.

Anya Lehman 11

Title: “Sophia”

Medium: digital painting 

Year: 2020

Description: Still life.

Anya Lehman 12

Title: Morning Stretch”

Medium: reduction woodblock print on kozo paper

Year: 2020

Description: A social critique of female struggle through print. This reduction print aims to express the constraints that are placed on female identifying individuals, female presenting individuals, and individuals with female reproductive organs. These chains that are forced onto these multifaceted groups of people cause us to wake up each morning, trying to break these chains. We get up, we stretch, and we try to become closer to equality and freedom. 

Anya Lehman 12

Title: “Sweetheart?"

Medium: rubber block print on paper

Year: 2021

Description: This print challenges the term "sweetheart." Women are labeled as this, generally by men, through the assumptions that they are complicit and submissive, the way society has conditioned women to be.