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VIRTUAL SENIOR SHOW: Griffin Conway - Nonbinary, Nonstandard

Griffin Conway
Sun, Mar 1, 2020, 12:00 am to Sun, Jun 28, 2020, 11:59 pm

VIRTUAL SENIOR SHOW: Griffin Conway - Nonbinary, Nonstandard

The nonbinary experience is unique to each individual. No two people are going to experience gender in the exact same way, much like they won’t experience the world in the same way. That said, in a world literally built against recognizing and accommodating us, a lot of our experiences are going to overlap. Through this project I wanted to explore the (ironically named) duality of being nonbinary: that our struggles are often shared, but our identities and selves are entirely unique. I wanted to tackle themes of intersectionality, the use of labels and symbolism, self discovery, dysphoria and euphoria, education, and more. In order to do so, I relied on community participation to recruit collaborators for ideas and illustrative help. All the images listed here today were drawn by myself, but when the zine is fully completed it will also feature pages by guest artists.

My name is Griffin Conway, and I am a queer nonbinary illustrator just trying to carve a path for myself in the world. I enjoy drawing topics such as fantasy, character design, gender and sexuality, fanart, and my cat. My goals in making art is to make people smile and feel seen.

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