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Visiting Artist Peter Simensky to present "Shared Values"

Tue, Jan 14, 2014, 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Digital Arts Research Center Room 230
University of California, Santa Cruz

The Art Department is hosting Artist’s Talks & Presentations Winter 2014:  Stories Unlimited: Layered Meanings and Process

Simensky’s varied, process-oriented practice demonstrates interest in the art object as trigger and emblem for forms of exchange. Situated in moments of slippage and interchange, his projects evidence the volatility of art objects, which are on one level, cash with which to trade and invest, and on the other, art—the mysterious objectication of reection, imagination, desire, and promise. Peter Simensky’s work has been featured in solo exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Museum 52, NY, The Swiss Institute, NY, and Project Row Houses, Houston. Simensky’s project Gold Dust currently can be found in Cabinet Magazine Issue # 50, Money.

*Image shown:  Simensky‘s medium is money. By combining images from currency belonging to 50 failing world economies, he creates colorful collages that remain true to the scale of other notes.