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Dima Mabsout

Grad Student
Environmental Art + Social Practice MFA Candidate

Dima Mabsout is a Lebanese artist who moved to Santa Cruz in September 2023. She is currently listening to this new landscape. What stories live on its surface? What memories are buried in the soil? What seeds are waiting to sprout?

Through site-specific performance, film, printmaking and collaboration, she is observing the colonial wounds embedded in land, tracing patterns of erasure across space and time, and drawing lines of solidarity.

Before joining the MFA program in Environmental Arts and Social Practice, she was living and working in Lebanon, co-creating street performances and interventions with Zayraqoun collective, leading community art programs with Catalytic Action design Studio, teaching at Horshna forest school, and beginning her land based research with the Museum for the Displaced .

Dima holds a BA in Fine arts from Central saint martins, London and an MA in arts in education from Harvard Graduate school of education. /