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The Contemporary Print Media Research Center

The Contemporary Print media Research Center fosters a multidisciplinary research framework and develops integrative research and innovative projects in print media.

The Contemporary Print media Research Center is located in the Baskin Art Department at the University of California Santa Cruz.

The landscape of contemporary print media today is evolving rapidly. Multidisciplinary art practice creates a growing community of print image-makers more and more closely joined by shared involvement in forward thinking research agendas with a keenness to adapt new techniques. These amalgamations have collectively encompassed other artistic modes and fields of visual study in the humanities, biology, science, engineering, and more. We envision participating in and facilitating this stimulating new global dialog and contributing to the future of developing print media practices.

The center will focus on practice-led research and a visiting artist/scholar program. It will build a contemporary arts digital archive and a permanent collection of works produced in multiples (prints, photos and book arts).