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How to Obtain Services in the Cellar

The Cellar is a digital imaging lab serving the Art Department
Digital Imaging Facility


The Digital Imaging and Labs Specialist (ITS staff), Edward Ramirez, is responsible for lab hardware and software and networking—including but not limited to the Cellar, Baskin Arts E-102, color management functions, training and scheduling of monitors, consultation with students, and generally arranging coverage of the Cellar.  The Digital Imaging and Labs Specialist has Arts Division-wide IT responsibilities, as well as responsibilities to ITS.  This person works during the regular academic year only, 75%, four days per week, currently Monday —Thursday.

The Photo SRA, Jack Chapman, is the Art Department staff person responsible for the darkroom, lighting studio, photography equipment checkout, and photography classrooms. This person is also able to assist in the Cellar with some basic procedures, as time allows.  Currently this schedule is MTTHF 10:30 - 7pm.

Facilities Access

  • Students enrolled in classes with pre-arranged access to the Cellar are given codes to the Omni Lock.
  • For students in other Art classes, access is granted on a case-by-case basis, and must be approved by the Digital Imaging and Labs Specialist and Art Department manager in advance.
  • Faculty with classes that regularly use the Cellar should give the Digital Imaging and Labs Specialist their syllabus at least one week prior to the start of the quarter and provide timely updates as necessary.
  • Independent Access is available by paying a separate fee and by approval by the Digital Imaging and Labs Specialist.
  • Art ladder-rank faculty have access to the Cellar and must pay for their actual ink and paper usage.
  • Facilities are subject to video surveillance.
  • Students with classes designated to utilize The Cellar have priority over each workstation. Any meetings outside of scheduled class times that require the use of The Cellar must be scheduled around reserved time slots and be non-disruptive to the students’  workspace and time.

Technology Assistance

  • The Digital Imaging and Labs Specialist is on call M-TH 11-7 (current schedule, this can change). 
  • If working away from the Cellar, and needed for consultation, the Digital Imaging and Labs Specialist can be contacted by email, and will respond on a best-effort basis.
  • If assistance from staff is needed at a specific time please arrange for that at least 72 hours (three work days) in advance.
  • Orientations to equipment and services by the Digital Imaging and Labs Specialist must be arranged at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Equipment and software requests should be directed to Digital Imaging and Labs Specialist during the quarter before they are needed, and in any case at least two months in advance.
  • The monitor schedule is updated by the Digital Imaging and Labs Specialist.
  • The Cellar calendar is maintained by the Digital Imaging and Labs Specialist and faculty/lecturers using the space.
  • Print requests will be vetted and requestors billed by the Digital Imaging and Labs Specialist.
  • The Digital Imaging and Labs Specialist should notify their supervisor, the Art Dept manager, Art Dept assistant and faculty using the Cellar in event of absences or vacation days.

Photo Check Out

  • Photo equipment is for students enrolled in photo classes, or by permission of Art Department chair or manager. 
  • Access to photo check out is the only exception to Cellar access---students without Cellar access may be admitted to utilize photo check out services.
  • The Photo SRA will notify the Art Dept. manager, Art Dept. assistant, and photo faculty in event of absences or vacation days, at least two weeks in advance if possible.


  • Users should never attempt to move, add, repair, change or alter workstation or printer configurations.
  • Any use of equipment or items outside of the designated location in The Cellar needs to be cleared by the Digital Imaging and Labs Specialist.
  • Exterior doors are to remain closed at all times.
  • Signs may only be posted in The Cellar by Digital Imaging and Labs Specialist and Photo SRA and will pertain to procedures and policies. Posters for the public and events can be hung outside the entry door to DARC 121 on the designated poster board.