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Cassia Artanegara: American Girl

Photograph by Cassia Artanegara

Cassia Artanegara
Title of project: American Girl
Titles of images:
1: Cassia at Chinese Camp
2: After Hours

Artist Statement: When asked to describe my identity, my short answer is “Asian American woman”. I’m proud to be a mixture of Indonesian, Chinese, and Pennsylvania Dutch. However, it oftentimes feels wrong to claim the title Asian, because I’m fairly assimilated into Western American culture, but I am certainly too Asian to feel fully American (which is easily synonymous with white Euro-centric standards and experiences). American Girl forays into the intricate web that is my identity in an attempt to help myself as well as others understand how my life experiences have shaped who I am today, and to explore how I can impact the world using these aspects of my identity as tools of change.