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"Just Perspective" by Joseph Padpad

"Just Perspective" by Joseph Padpad

Just Perspective

JP, otherwise known as Just Perspective, is a creative project.

“Just” meaning simplicity, necessity, and the righteous direction we believe individuals should abide by. “Perspective” referring to the angles we as humans see life, society, culture, and the environment surrounding us.

We are firm believers in the fact that the world already has everything it materialistically needs. This is why we look to repurpose, reuse, and recycle what has already been gifted to us. With the help of artists, we give these gifts more meaning as a way to educate and enlighten for a better future.

If you support this endeavor, we encourage you to join as we push the story of progression and betterment for our own generation alongside the many generations to come. We merely want the best for everyone now, and later. That is Just Perspective.

Artist Statement belonging to the preview from the collection Motherland.

This is where my story begins, in a chaotic yet tranquil, humbling, and loving land—    the Philippines. With both of my parents being Filipino immigrants, my roots are found in the rich soil of these islands. Whether one looks deep into the Philippine history to find the narratives of Lapulapu battling for our independence from imperial Spanish colonialism, Whang-od’s preservation of Kalinga tattooing, or José Rizal’s written works as a nationalist and polymath, it is evident that our people have been fighting the endless fight. The amazing demeanors that have been developed by the rich Filipino history, heritage, and culture can be seen within contemporary Filipinos like Manny Pacquaiao, Joseph “Jo Koy” Herbert, Bruno Mars, the Jabbowockeez, Jordan Clarkson, Lea Solanga, Vanessa Hudgens, and Rhuigi Villaseñor. It is beautiful to see how far our people have gone and continue to go in these very days.

            As a student, photographer, creative, and aspiring entrepreneur, I look up to every single one of these names hoping that I can fill similar shoes one day. I want to inspire as many people as I can to have pride in where they come from and that is why I selected this to be the first project. With visuals, clothing, and written works I want to tell stories that I wish will inflict a determination, love, and attitude that is as strong as those who come from the Philippines.

            That being said, here are some photos that give you a -perspective- into the Philippines. As soon as I am able to do so, I will be creating a collection that draws inspiration from my motherland, the Philippines. For now, please enjoy these photographs. They are what I will be using as my guide for these first creative pieces.

These are some of the occupations seen throughout the Philippines. These photos were taken specifically in Manila, which is otherwise known as the capital of Philippines. There are individuals driving tricycles around to sell snacks, drinks, and other Filipino cuisine. There are garbage men who actually spend their shifts grabbing bags from home owners(a standard home there is not the same as our homes here in the United States). There are bus ticketers that hang off the back of a “Jeepnee” truck to let individuals on and off the transportation service.