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Print by Hannah Bourke

Trace Monotype, Watercolor

“Saturn Rule”

Trace Monotype, Watercolor

Saturn is a planet that represents difficult lessons, growth, personal mastery, and time. This planet holds a dominant presence in my astrological chart. The first ‘saturn’s return’ occurs between the 27th-30th years of a person's life, as this is the number of years it takes for this planet to make a single orbital transit around the sun and return to where it was in the sky when you were born. This period in one’s life is meant to help individuals clear up any unresolved addictions, harmful behaviors or anything else that may be holding you back from being the highest expression of yourself, and it can be uncomfortable if you do not listen to the guidance of your higher self and continue to sabotage yourself in some way. I feel the early stages of my internal transformation beginning to root more deeply into my life and I choose to represent that by using this self-portrait imagery from several years ago with newly formed wings depicted in a raw unfiltered medium with earthy electric colors. 

Artwork Media: 
Trace Monotype, Watercolor