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Fall Quarter 2023

Spring Quarter 2024

ART 106O 2D Animation (online) Ann Altstatt
ART 010F 4D Foundation Wes Modes
ART 158 Advanced Photography Karolina Karlic
ART 108 Art, Design, and Social Practice Cláudio Bueno
ART 177 Careers in the Creative Economy Shelby Graham
ART 150 Darkroom Practices Kathleen Perry
ART 080E Environmental Art in the Expanded Field (online) Elizabeth Stephens
ART 125 Environmental Art Studio Ann Altstatt
ART 138 Facture and Meaning Melissa Gwyn
ART 111 Figure Drawing Travis McEwen
ART 157 Immersive Arts Field Research Karolina Karlic, Jorge Menna Barreto
ART 257 Immersive Arts Field Research Karolina Karlic, Jorge Menna Barreto
ART 188 Intermediate to Advanced Sculpture (Foundry) Sean Monaghan
ART 101 Introduction to Computer Programming for the Arts Wes Modes
ART 020J Introduction to Drawing and Painting Grant Whipple
ART 020I Introduction to Photography Kathleen Perry
ART 020G Introduction to Print Media and Drawing Whitney Humphreys
ART 020H Introduction to Sculpture and Public Art Kathleen Perry
ART 163C Magnified Imagination: A Printmaking Approach Enrique Leal
ART 112 Mixed Media Works on Paper Travis McEwen
ART 137 Outdoor Painter's Project Grant Whipple
ART 210C Practice-Based Research Group: Contexts Elliot W. Anderson
ART 165 Print Media in Visual Communication Sarah Sanford
ART 270B Project Development and Critique II Laurie Palmer
ART 172 Public Art: Memory, Landscape, and Artist as Activist Bobby Gordon
ART 190B Senior Project Laurie Palmer
ART 153 Still to Moving: Topics in Cinematography for Artists Yolande Harris
ART 175 Taking Art to the Streets John Jota Leanos
ART 250 Writing Matters Jorge Menna Barreto